Round Review

Round 2

Just ahead of the T/20, we find ourselves in a good position. Thus far, all teams are undefeated with several players to come back in to teams, and all teams sit in the top two.

The 1s and 4s are leading the way with the bat, having lost 6 and 2 wickets respectively. The 4s have, in fact, only lost one wicket before a first innings victory has been secured.

In round two, specifically for our lower grades, we had some interesting results.
Jimmy Baker took 6/13 in the first innings, finishing with 9 for the match, including the outright winner. DLove made another hundred, as he does. CLove and NWallace also made 50s.

However, the main story of the 3s is JWallace. Contributed heavily with the bat, making a chanceless 0 off 0 (was not required), and managing two catches behind the stumps out of 20 wickets, falling just shy of Rifkaz who took 3 in a gully-ish position.

As for the 4s, they have a nice percentage going into the T/20 (10.33). This was helped greatly by a catch from JWallace as sub fieldsman. Mitch Harris took a lazy 3 wickets. I would love to make a joke about them not being earned, but they were all bowled, so its a bit hard to do. Safe to say, if he does get another bowl this year (which it looks like he probably should), I will be ready to poke fun.

There were also 3 run outs in the 4s, which is rather interesting for a two day game.They were blasting runs everywhere against us, as evidenced by Sudi Kumar getting hammered for a full 6 runs off 6 overs.

With the bat, Boo made a solid 66 before deciding enough was enough, the game had already been won. Abi Faira chipped in with 102*, and Jai Lemire lead the way with 24 before passing one to the keeper down leg side.

For our higher grades, we also had solid wins.

In the 1s, we managed to take 8 catches, which just goes to show we are bowling a really hitable length. Ayresy bowled 22 overs for 39 runs (economy of 1.7). Peatman took 5/13 off 9, indicating that if he puts a bit more work in, he could be as successful as Jimmy Bakes one day.

With the bat Pearson made 135 of the 178. At the other end, Dickinson showed real intent (or so I am told) making 28 off 5000 deliveries.

In the 2s, Phil got us off to a flier, playing a Simon Bray before Simon Bray even decided to do it, leaving one on the stumps to give them a false sense of hope. Dibba made a solid 92, steering the ship through most of the innings. Most others made 20-30, probably at less than a run a ball which indicates that they are listening to Hewie and facing those first 20, and then going out.

With the ball, everyone did a little something, fairly similar to with the bat really. Saying that everyone did something is kinda the same as saying no one did, so the onus is on the 2s players to let someone take 5 in the coming T/20.